Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Tattoos

I am on a get more ink! This bird has been bitten and I feel the itch :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank you for The Lovely Blog Award!!

I would like to thanks "Deal" ightfully Frugal for my second award, The Lovely Blog Award!

The official rules of accepting this award are as follows:Accept this award and post it on your blog. Include link back to the blog you received it from.
Pass the award to fifteen blogs you have newly discovered.
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I do not have 15 as I have been busy but here are 8!

I am passing on this award to:

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It's been a while

Boy how time goes by, I haven't been able to post since the 26th of October! Now that I have gone back to school all of my time is spent doing homework. My poor kids, just praying it all pays off in the end.

So, to recap what I have been up to the last few weeks, other then school, I have been working very hard to get Sassy BouChic up an going. I've had a few orders but nothing steady.

My husband and the kids all had H1N1, fantastic! I however with my mighty hand washing skills and love of Lysol have managed to escape it...for now!

I spent a week making my daughters Halloween costume, it turned out really nice. She of course stained it all to heck at the Halloween party we went to, but what can you expect from a 3 yr old!

Two of my brother's surprised me by driving 11 hours to see me over the weekend. Well, my older brother had a job interview so I guess it wasn't entirely to see ME, but that's all I care about, lol! Since we moved from Michigan to Tennessee in April I have only seen them once. and I miss my family very much so it was great!

We went to the Smoky Mountains yesterday, it was beautiful! After being cooped up in the house for so long we just needed to "blow the stink off" as my husband would say. The weather has been so nice the past week, in the high 70's, we even had shorts and t-shirts on!

Well, that's about it... none to exciting, but with luck I'll be back in full force before long with more exciting stories from the house of Des!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

No Strings Attached!

I ran the 5K Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on Saturday and let me tell you I am very proud of myself! I by no stretch of the imagination am a runner and my lungs bleed just thinking about it, however, I was the team captain and it just so happens that I recruited 5 very young ladies who all love to run. I was at least 8 years older then 3/4 of my team and I've had three kids so you can imagine how out of place I felt. Anyhow, I did it (with a few short breaks at the mile markers) and I have actually been inspired to get back in the gym…so I’ll start tomorrow!

With that being said, when my husband picked me up from downtown Knoxville I could barely walk. My legs where that of Jello and my shins felt as though someone had kicked them repeatedly for three miles! So, when I poured myself into the car I said to my loving husband, “I need a bath and my legs rubbed!” His answer, “Sure thing babe!” 13 hours later after a busy day of Birthday parties, grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry and bathing the children, I was ready to cash in!

Kids are in bed, clothes are set out for church the next morning and I exhausted and sore collapse on the couch and ask my ever so sympathetic beloved to rub my legs! Within seconds my legs where no longer being rubbed and his hands had traveled to the very areas that did not want to be touched!! “NO,” I thought to myself, “don’t go there!”

It never fails, never! A simple no strings attached request always turns into something more. Now, please don’t get me wrong, I have a very strong relationship with my husband but there are just some days when a little common sense would come in handy! I can hardly walk let alone get my legs up in the air so what makes him think that I want to have sex? When I ask for a back rub after a long hard day and need some TLC doesn’t turn on the flashing red light that blinks OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

But of course, after a little convincing on his part, I did my wifely duty and sent him packing to the bedroom! I then had me some ice cream (yummy yummy) and watched some TV. I never did get my full legs rub and I bet you a $100 I never will ;^)

Monday, October 19, 2009

My First Blog Award!!!

I would like to thank Stina from Woman and Mom for giving me the Best Blog Award! I'm super excited and very honored as this is my first award :)

The Blog Award Rules are as follows:

In order to accept the award, please post it on your blog with the name of the person(s) who gave awarded it, including the link to the blog.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I do really cool tricks on the monkey bars!

My six year old son Jaxon walks in the door from school the other day and hands me a note. He says, "Mom, I'm not supposed to open it until I get home from school, will you look at it?" I take the note observing the edges that are cut with a pair of those zig zag craft scissors and I open it. Inside I find in bright yellow and pink marker the words "I LOVE YOU and a cute little heart next to what seems to be a ring. So I look at him and say "Hey brother where did this come from?" With a big smile he reply's "From Katie, I do really cool tricks on the monkey bars and she fell in love with me I guess!"

I would post a picture of said note but it has since vanished into the dungeon I call his room!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Did you know???

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Every three minutes a woman is diagnosed and every thirteen minutes one loses the fight.

I am participating in the Komen Knoxville Race for the Cure and raising funds to support a world without breast cancer. I normally wouldn't do this, however, I feel very passionate about Breast Cancer Awareness because I could be that one in eight! It could be my mother or my sister, it could be you!

I need your help in the fight against breast cancer! Can I count on your support to assist me in my fundraising efforts?

Visit to donate today!